Church Planting (France)


50 churches in 20 years. That’s a big goal in a nation that averages one evangelical church per 33,000 people. But progress is being made, thanks in part to donors who share the vision. To reach the goal, support is needed to recruit, train, and release new workers, including French nationals in church leadership.

Three main avenues will be pursued to achieve our goal. First, we will work to establish new churches through multi-cultural teams. Second, we will work to encourage/assist churches with which we have a working relationship to achieve the goal of planting daughter churches. And third, we will commit ourselves to train 10 French national church planters in pioneer church planting.

We have a missionary appointee preparing to leave for France in August of 2021! However, we need additional setup costs related to her moving to France. Please consider a donation to project code 010185 to help make sure she can start her ministry this summer!

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