Giving FAQs

Our Donors ask…

How does World Team’s receipting process work?

All financial gifts and missionary donations are processed within two or three days and a receipt is mailed to you. Your receipt has two parts: the upper part for your records and the lower part to be returned with your next contribution in the envelope provided by World Team.

What should I do if I don’t get an End-of-Year Receipt?

Please contact World Team and we will send you a duplicate receipt. For many people, the receipt is a reminder for their next contribution and continued missionary giving. If the receipt is lost in the mail, our line of communication with you could be broken.

How do I make changes to my PAP giving?

Notify your Donor Services Team in writing. Include your name, address and the information to be changed. If changing bank accounts, please provide a voided check..

Will World Team send me a year-end giving summary for my tax purposes?

World Team’s default for gifts received is a yearly tax receipt noting all gifts and donations to ministries for World Team for that year. If requested, a monthly or one-time gift receipt may be sent. Please contact us with your preference.

Will World Team give my contact information to any other organizations?

No. World Team does not distribute any donor information to other organizations.

Your financial gifts help our workers expand their reach, meet the needs of others, and fulfill their calling to cross-cultural ministry.