Church-Based Teams

Jesus prayerfully selected a group of twelve disciples for focused training and ministry before sending them on a mission to the world.

Sending a Church-Based Team follows this same pattern of identifying and training leaders and commissioning them for ministry among unreached peoples. Church-Based Teams are a natural, healthy extension of the local church community sent out to plant churches where the Gospel has not been heard.

Through a Church-Based Team, the vision to reach the lost takes on greater significance in the regular life of the local body of believers. World Team can help guide and prepare your church to send a team of disciple-makers with varieties of gifts to the unreached. Taking ownership and being strategic about church planting alongside World Team will bless your local church and impact the nations as we bring them the Good News of Jesus.

Advantages of Church-Based Teams

  • A clear link between local and global ministries as teams move from ministry at home to ministry abroad 
  • A greater sense of commitment and participation in the church body as it supports a team they know personally 
  • A stronger working relationship among team members because of a shared history, passion and approach to ministry 
  • A deeper tie between church and team that builds team longevity and promotes strategic short-term trips 
  • A greater investment in prayer, encouragement and giving by the church body that may result in more teams being sent out 
  • Shared training resources as the church and World Team partner together

Join World Team in having an impact on the nations by forming a church-based team!