Rain Forest International School Youth Hostel

Two of the greatest hurdles missionaries face in Cameroon, Africa is language acquisition and cultural adaptation. Cameroon is a diverse country comprised of more than 200 tribes and over 270 distinct languages! Years of study and perseverance are required to master these difficult tribal languages and cultures.

Imagine investing years in language study, cultural understanding, and building relationships to become effective in ministry only to hit an education obstacle impacting your children!

Most missionary families in Cameroon home school their children throughout their elementary and Jr. High years. When the children reach their high school years they usually attend the Rain Forest International School (RFIS) located in the capital, Yaound . RFIS provides quality education for missionary kids grade 7-12 and is administered by SIL, an organization comprised of members of Wycliffe Bible Translators.

World Team, along with two other partner agencies, has purchased land to build a dormitory for our MKs who attend RFIS. The next step for World Team is to raise funds to finish the construction of this dormitory.

The critical need to complete construction for World Team MK dorm is $48,000.