Radio Lumière

Radio Lumière is an indispensable link between isolated churches, pastors and the larger Evangelical community throughout Haiti. It has contributed significantly to the remarkable theological unity of the church and is a tool, not only for evangelism, but also as a means to train teachers and disciple new believers. Estimates show that more than half of all believers in Haiti had their first contact with the Gospel through the ministry of Radio Lumière.

Through its webcast, it has had a worldwide audience among the Haitian Diaspora. Radio Lumière has been kept on the air over the years by the dedication and ingenuity local technicians and visiting engineers. Radio Lumière has reached up to 90% of the population of Haiti and up to 600 listeners at any given time on its website.

In spite of proven effectiveness for the Gospel and usefulness to the Church, needed repairs and upgrades are essential for this vibrant ministry to continue.  Prayerfully consider making a gift to help meet the overall need of $50,000.