Papua Translation and Literacy Project

Papua has over 250 languages, but only 3 have a complete Bible translation. Others have just the New Testament, or a number of Gospels. Many have no scripture in their own language. While Indonesian is the official language, spoken as a second language by many, experience has shown that people’s hearts respond to the message of the Gospel much more significantly if they can hear and read it in their own heart language.

The task of translating the Bible into the heart languages of the people of Papua is an enormous one, but history has shown the life-changing ability of the Gospel message, bringing an end to constant tribal warfare and to the bondage of living in fear of spirits. There have been dramatic changes in the lives of many, and today World Team personnel are continuing the work of Bible translation into Papuan languages.

There are currently 5 translation and literacy projects (there could be more in the future) in process and each need funding so that the Bible can be translated into a tribal language. Literacy is necessary so that a larger percentage of the population can read the Bible.

Consider making a one-time gift toward these 5 projects or supporting them on a monthly basis. Suggested gift: $250