Missionary Care

Missionary life is a high, yet demanding calling. It is World Team’s experience that when we refresh the hearts of the saints  (Philemon 1:7), we foster an increased resiliency and effectiveness in the life and ministry of each missionary, improving overall spiritual, physical and emotional health.

When Jesus trained His disciples He told them where to go, what to take, what to do, and how to deal with conflict. He was also careful to warn them to be on their guard because He was sending them out like sheep among wolves (Matthew 10). While demonic forces, persecution and interpersonal conflicts continue to seek to hinder and destroy, there are also the wolves of disease, stress, and burnout that erode a missionary’s effectiveness.

As World Team seeks to fulfill our purpose, to glorify God by working together to establish reproducing churches focusing on the unreached peoples of the world, we are placing a high priority on creating an environment in which workers can find the courage and freedom to share the struggles that come along with establishing new communities of believers among the unreached.

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