Linking Church and Mission Agency in Strategic Partnership

A coordinated effort between church and agency makes the task of going where there is no church easier. ChurchLinkdevelops partnerships with local churches with the goal of training teams of church planters. These Church-Based Teams train locally in preparation for planting churches globally among an unreached people group.

The advantages of sending Church-Based Teams (CBT) are many:

  • A clearer link between local and global ministries as teams move from ministry at home to ministry abroad
  • A greater sense of commitment and participation in the church body as it supports a team of people they know personally
  • A stronger working relationship among team members because of a shared history, passion and approach to ministry
  • A deeper tie between church and team that builds team longevity and promotes strategic short-term trips
  • A greater investment in prayer, helps and giving by the church body that may result in more teams being sent out
  • A better set of resources as church and agency partner together and utilize each of their strengths to prepare a CBT

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