Nehemiah Challenge Project

World Team Ministry

At the heart of World Team is a small group of people supporting hundreds of cross-cultural missionaries around the world. These teammates provide essential services so missionaries can focus on sharing the gospel and equipping others to do the same.

Your gifts to World Team’s Ministry Fund help meet World Team’s greatest needs:

  • Training & Development: $50 buys books for leadership training
  • Financial Services: $100 purchases much-needed new database software
  • Pastoral Care: $250 for a pastoral care visits to those serving in difficult places
  • Human Resources: $500 for a trip to a strategic church or college to attract new missionary candidates
  • Global Communications: $5,000 helps upgrade our computer network

What better way to reach a lost world for Jesus Christ than investing in people that God has called to minister around the globe? Become part of the team that not only sends missionaries overseas, but keeps them there sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ. Your special gift or monthly commitment go a long way in helping us plan ahead to reach communities that don’t know Jesus yet. Give now.