Our Story

“The man who beats the drum does not know how far the sound will go.” ┬áCongolese Proverb
In 1995 two mission families, with a combined legacy of 200 years of missionary service, fused to become the World Team we know today. Generations of faithful saints have gone before us, carrying the gospel message to all who have ears to hear. We will never know how many listened, but we believe God blessed the effort.

Jesus invites us: “Go, work today in my vineyard”. And so we continue the legacy, carrying the banner into the dark places of the earth, trusting Christ to call out His own from among the nations.

In the years since merger, God has opened wide the doors for new ministries among the working class in Taiwan, Cambodia’s Khmer people, 10/40-window Internationals in NYC, and minority group peoples in Central Asia and Africa. And God is mobilizing a dynamic new missionary force from places like Indonesia, Suriname, the Philippines, and West Indies.

Read below for a partial history of World Team’s deep missionary roots in Regions Beyond Missionary Union and Worldteam. You’ll meet ordinary people familiar with failure, fear and triumph. Woven throughout is God’s redemptive plan for drawing the nations to Himself.

RBMU International traces its roots to Harley Bible College in London, founded in 1873 by the Irish revivalist H. Grattan Guinness.

Worldteam was formed in 1928 as a small Bible Institute in central Cuba by Elmer Thompson and B.G. Lavastida.

Drumbeats book cover To enjoy even more of this amazing story, request a copy of World Team’s history book, Drumbeats That Changed The World. Written by Joe Conley, former RBMU missionary to Peru and US Director, Drumbeats is a fascinating missionary narrative.

Please send your name, address, and a check for $10.00 made payable to World Team, 7575 Danbro Crescent, Mississauga, ON L5N 6P9.